Saturday, 20 October 2007

the reality of life

I use to spend a lot of money (and time) replacing scratched DVD. My two kids (love them both I do) would drive me to the edge of madness if one of their dvd's was scratched and they wanted to watch it. I would spend my saturday morning going from shops to shop to find a replacement. A good saturday should not be spent trying to find the latest barbie DVD.

Once I had hobbies, but the good news is at least I have found a solution to my kids scratched disc. d-skin. yes amazingly there is a device that fits on to the DVD and plays in the machine, when my kids take the dvd out and throw it on the floor, good news the DVD is kept scratch free.

This is a must if you have children, it will save you time and MONEY, my advice have a look at

In the last few weeks

dvd's scrtched 0

weekends free all

Now i got my Saturday back, what shall I do.

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