Friday, 24 September 2010

Proudly Introducing - The Ice Jacket for Beer and lager, by Tell Me First.

Keep your Beer and Larger 100% cold right down to the last drop.
Imagine your bottle of beer stay cold to the very last drop, not just cold but ICE COLD. From the makers of the ice jacket we now bring you the ice jacket for beer.

The Ice Jacket, encases a bottle of beer in ice to create a refreshingly cold and gorgeous "coat of ice”. The Ice Jacket for beer is a unique, one-of-a-kind product that's fun and incredibly impressive. If it is in your bar or at a party, let the ice Jacket for beer keep the drinks icy cold.

Ice jacket for spirtis in video below.

Ice Jackets for Beer How To Use
1) Fill Mold with water

2) Place into freezer, allow 4 hours to freeze

3) Remove from freezer and remove from molds

4) Store in freezer

5 & 6) Place bottle into frozen form, Grip form and with upward motion place neck of bottle through tension ring and slip base of ice form/beer bottle assembly onto base of handle device. Features in handle device lock ice form into place in conjunction with downward force created by tension ring. Reservoir within base of handle device collects nominal runoff - importantly - because bottle beer is served at such a low temp the ice form solely acts to maintain the temperature of the beer. Ice Jacket 4Beer (IJ4Beer) is not a 'cooling' device but like the Ice Jacket itself, a temperature maintenance device.

7) Server or bartender offers assembly to guest

8) Enjoy your ice cold beer to the very last drop…

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