Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Art Glass Radiators 2.0

Radiators are needed, functional but ugly. Even architectural radiators still look like radiators.

Now we bring you radiators 2.0, an evolution in-design that could make existing radiators extinct, we at the Glass Radiator Company bring you the most beautiful radiators is the world.

Our plumbed in radiators look like pieces of art, no they are pieces are art. Imaging having any image, or picture you could imaging, and that picture was part of your central heating system, this is what the Art Glass radiator will do for you. So if you are looking at refurbishing you home and you are an architect or interior designer with a design dilemma, than take a look at the art glass radiators.

The art glass radiator simply fits in to your existing central heating system, you can fit only 1 or you can do your complete home. Also available in electric. Art Glass Radiators

more information from www.tell-me-first.com

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