Monday, 13 June 2011

Gas and Electricity bills to rise by 20% what can you do

All over the news, all we see is gas and electricity bills to go up by 20% HOW are you suspose to maintain you home, feed you children and pay you bills.

But remember for every cloud there is a silver lining.  Fuelmaster electronic boiler management system can reduce your heating bills by 20 to 25%.  Now is a great time to fit one and start saving TODAY.

Fuelmaster Electronic Boiler Controls works equally well with boilers that burn Gas, Oil or LPG fuels, works on residential and commercial boilers.

Fuelmaster is a British designed and manufactured product which is produced under ISO regulations to meet industry approved standards. Fuelmaster has been used successfully by hundreds of satisfied private and business customers to save money.

The unit, which is only the size of a small camera, is a microchip electronic brain which takes over and precisely manages the firing process of a boiler to minimise the amount of fuel being burned when providing for hot water and central heating. Each unit is tested before leaving the factory and has an individual serial number.

It can be fitted in less than one hour and off you go.  When you move home you can take it with you and carry on saving.

Fuelmaster will reduce these green house emissions by approximately 1.5 metric tonnes per year for the average family home which is more than enough gas to fill up a passenger carrying hot air balloon.

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