Saturday, 9 July 2011

Apple iPhone users addicted to games: What's your favourite

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Sony and Nintendo had the portable gaming market to themselves, with the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS handhelds. Since the launch of the Apple iPhone and iPad, however, both have found things a lot more difficult, with users switching to mobile phones for casual gaming.

Before the Apple iPhone, if you wanted to play games on a portable platform, the Sony PSP or Nintendo 3DS were the handhelds to have. Mobile phones have come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, however, with mobile gaming now proving a popular attraction.

And, with users turning their attention to portable games, it appears that Apple is coming out on top. A survey by market research company Nielsen has shown that Apple users spend nearly twice as much time playing games as those with Android, spending just under 15 hours per month playing Angry Birds and other titles.

On average, Android users spend nine hours playing games, with Windows Phone users playing titles for just under five hours. Even BlackBerry owners are getting in on the action, with the business-aimed handsets used for around four and a half hours each month for games.

So for all the features the latest smartphones offer, it seems like you guys are just as interested in just playing games. We’d like to hear what your favourite smartphone games are – so please leave a comment and let us know your

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