Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Avatar Kinect: 5 things you need to know!

If you’re a lover of talk shows, and fancy an unusual and innovative way of chatting to your mates online, you’ll absolutely love the latest Microsoft Kinect title. Called Avatar Kinect, the latest game was first touted back at CES in January, and promises to let you host your very own talk show.
It could be the perfect way of keeping in touch, although we can’t really imagine it being adopted for business meetings! Read on to find out five things you need to know about Avatar Kinect.

Smile for the camera!Although Avatar Kinect uses avatars – little cartoon characters – rather than an actual video of you, the Kinect is still capable of picking up on all your usual expressions. Smile, and your TV character will smile, frown, and your friends will know about it. Avatar Kinect also captures movements – so nod and shake your head and your cartoony avatar will mimic you.

Party for sevenOne of the best bits about Avatar Kinect is the fact it can cater for up to seven people. That means you’ll be able to chat to a whole group of friends simultaneously – have conversations, debates, arguments and stick your tongue out at them, all from the comfort of your bedroom.
Change the stageAlong with choosing an avatar that looks just like you, right down to the facial expressions, you’ll also be able to choose a stage. You can have your own talk show, for instance, with your friends on as guests, or you can set up a comedy routine. You can even set up a sports party stage.

It’s just like TV!Your conversation doesn’t have to be a one-off, either. Just like a proper TV show, the camera can zoom in and out on characters, panning and switching between your friends as they talk. And, just like a TV show, you can actually record it, and keep it to watch again in the future, or to share it with your mates via

Social networkingSharing captured clips with friends isn’t just restricted to those who have an Xbox or Kinect, either. You can also upload your talk show clips to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, letting everybody get in on the fun.

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