Sunday, 10 July 2011

Bikeamper Tent combines cycling with camping

Whenever we go for a bike ride, the last thing on our mind tends to be camping, but apparently there’s a niche in the market for cyclists that like to go camping. This is where the Bikeamper Tent comes in, using the frame of your bike to hold up a tent. Intrigued? We were – read on to find out more.
According to the makers of the Bikeamper Tent, there’s a gap in the market for people who like to cycle to camp sites. For us, if we had time to cycle to a camp site we’d probably choose to ride home again, but it could definitely come in handy if you’re cycling across the country or don’t want to head home on the same day.

From what we can gather, the Bikeamper Tent will work with pretty much any adult bike – although you will need a quick release front wheel or a spanner to undo the wheel nut, as the bike needs to rest on its front forks to support the tent itself.

Because the frame of your bike also acts as the frame of the tent, it means there’s no need for tent poles, and the Bikeamper can pack down into an incredibly small package. It’s also designed to fit onto your handlebars or mudguards when packed away, so you won’t need to carry it on your person – freeing space for the rest of your backpacking gear.

Actually, the more we think about it, the more we like it, should we ever consider taking to the great outdoors. Although we could also imagine finding the tent collapsing around us as a light fingered local steals our bike (and tent frame) while we snore away.

The Bikeamper doesn’t come cheap either, costing $200. Would you buy the Bikeamper? Or do you have a better solution to accommodation when cycling long distances?

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