Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cool Batman Arkham City rendering revealed!

We’ve seen some great Batman artwork in the past, but the latest Two-Face renderings look like the best of the lot. Finished in black and white, with a coloured twist for the disfigured part of Harvey Dent’s face, the latest Batman offering really is stunning.

There have been some truly epic baddies in Batman, with Harvey “Two Face” Dent proving to be one of the very best. Capable of taking on the Joker, even. He certainly makes for uncomfortable viewing, with his hugely disfigured face!

In a photo shoot for the latest Batman Arkham City game, there’s an amazing rendering of good old Two Face. The image also comes with a full-on character bio, including his first appearance (Detective Comics number 66, August 1942), and different attributes, including the obvious “Hideously scarred on the left half of his face, which he plays up with clothing that’s differently styled on one side”.

Check out the image, and let us know how high up Two Face comes in your baddies list. Better than the Joker? Or do you root for somebody else? Leave a comment and let us know.

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