Friday, 22 July 2011

Five for the weekend: OS X Lion to the Eee PC Transformer

Once again the weekend is upon us, and we’ve seen some phenomenal gadgets in the past seven days. The Eee PC Transformer has been a particular highlight, but there have been lots of announcements – such as the new Apple OS X Lion operating system – as well. Join us after the break for five of the best.

Apple OS X LionIf you’ve got a relatively recent Mac, what are you waiting for? Apple’s latest operating system – OS X Lion – is now finished and available to download from the Mac App Store. It offers over 250 changes over OS X Snow Leopard, and at under £30 for the upgrade, it’s also decent value for money.

Sony Ericsson NeoThe Sony Ericsson Neo is an excellent mid-range smartphone. It offers a smaller screen and a more compact design than the Samsung Galaxy S II or Sony Ericsson Art, but it still offers all of the important features. As such, it’s a great choice if you’re stepping up to your first smartphone.

Asus Eee PC TransformerArguably the best tablet currently on sale, and a lot more useful than Apple’s iPad 2. The Eee PC Transformer is just as good as a mini laptop as it is a tablet, and also offers excellent build quality. If you don’t need the keyboard, you can just separate the screen and carry around a tablet. It’s brilliant!

Apple MacBook AirAnother announcement that we’ve been waiting for all month, the new MacBook Air should be one of the best ultraportables on the market. It now features cutting-edge processing power, a fast Thunderbolt port, and the latest Apple OS X Lion operating system. The new range also gets backlit keyboards – just like the more expensive Pro range.

Panasonic Lumix FZ47The Lumix FZ47 looks like being an excellent bridge camera, offering a staggering 24x optical zoom to get you up close to the action. It’s also capable of shooting Full high-definition movie clips at 30fps. You’ll have to wait for a bit though, as it’s sadly not available just yet

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