Sunday, 17 July 2011

Five for the weekend: PlayBook, iStuff and HP Pre 3 to keep you entertained

Following on from all the excitement of E3 2011, it’s been a relatively quite week in terms of news. Manufacturers have been slow to release products, and you’ll have to look hard to find new gadgets. We’ve still managed to find five of the best to keep you entertained over the weekend, however, so read on.

HP Pre 3 OK, so you’ll only be able to pre-order the Pre 3 this weekend – rather than popping down to the shops to get your hands on one – but we’re still more than a little tempted. This touchscreen wonder features a great keyboard, the fast and fluid WebOS, and a speedy processor.

BlackBerry PlayBookDeciding on a new tablet is a tricky one, as there’s so much variety on offer. If you’ve already got a BlackBerry smartphone, however, it may make sense to opt for the new PlayBook, which launched this week. Granted, there aren’t as many apps as you’ll find for Apple or Android, but it’s unusual, looks good and is more than good enough when it comes to watching movies or checking out your favourite websites.

iBookstoreIt’s been a long time in the making, but the Apple iBookstore is now available in the UK. If you have an Apple iPad, or fancy checking out the latest eBooks on your Apple iPhone or MacBook, then the iBookstore promises to keep you entertained over the weekend. You’ll be able to chose from over 200,000 books, and lots of them are free!

Vodafone SmartThe Vodafone Smart was announced last month, providing a cheap way of getting in on the Android action. This small and neat looking touchcreen handset is available to buy from Vodafone for just £60, proving that you don’t have to pay the Earth to get a decent smartphone.

Apple MacBookOK, so there may be no new hardware this week from Apple, but if you’re a student and looking to buy a new laptop, then it’s well worth checking out the latest offerings from Apple. Buy a MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac over the weekend, and you’ll get £65 back to spend on apps, with up to £315 discount available for students.

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