Monday, 11 July 2011

Kate and Wills given iPad 2: Five top gadgets to go with it

While carrying out official duties over in Canada, it would appear that royal newlyweds Kate and Wills have been given an Apple iPad 2. There are already thousands of apps for the couple to take advantage of with the iPad 2, but there are also some staggeringly good accessories – most of which every iPad owner would benefit from. Read on to find out more.

The Apple iPad 2 is easily the best tablet on the market at the moment, offering the most comprehensive range of software, along with quality that wouldn’t look out of place in Buckingham Palace. It’s a good job, too, as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently been given an iPad 2. They’ll be wanting a few accessories to get the best out of it though.

JVC dual iPad iPhone stand As a new iPad owner, one of the best gadgets available looks like being JVC’s new iPad and iPhone dock. Capable of holding and charging a couple of Apples products simultaneously, it’s perfect for watching movies on your iPad, with the ability to also rip CDs, listen to the radio or set alarms.

Shure SE535 They’re not cheap, but we’re certain Wills and Kate won’t struggle to afford Shure’s high-end SE535 earphones. They offer staggeringly good audio quality, making it easy to listen to music or watch movies in silence, without bothering the mother-in-law.

Apple iPad keyboard With its small and light design, the Apple iPad 2 is at its best when on the road, but it can also be used for emails and work. If the royal couple are intending on writing lots though, we’d advise opting for the official Apple keyboard, which also acts as a stand for the iPad 2.

Wooden iPad case If the Duchess of Cambridge’s new mother-in-law objects to having shiny new gadgets in her house – and let’s face it, we can imagine tradition being a strong point when relaxing at ‘Buck House’ – a wooden case could be the solution. Giving the iPad 2 a retro look, it’s also more likely to blend in with all the regal furniture. Maybe!

Etch A Sketch case So soon into her royal duties, it’s impossible to know how well Kate Middleton will take to her new role. Just in case she’s the type to get bored easily, we thought it worth including this excellent Etch A Sketch case. That way, whenever Philip is making a speech, or she gets a bit bored, she can just twiddle with the two large knobs and draw a nice picture.

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