Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sony introduces PlayStation Pass system to its gaming network

It’s been a difficult time for Sony and users of the Sony PlayStation Network recently, but now the service is back online the Japanese company has been looking at ways to change the way online games are played. With an online pass system in the offing, gamers may not be happy with the changes.
We’ve already seen online pass systems implemented by games developers, including EA Sports, but now Sony has introduced its own system – the PlayStation Pass. You’ll basically get a code when you buy a new game – the first to feature PlayStation pass technology being Resistance 3 – unlocking online gaming when you sign into your PlayStation account.

This works well enough when you’re buying a new title, but consumers look likely to get the rough end of the stick when they’re buying second-hand games, as the PlayStation Pass system means a game is only playable with the account it’s activated with.

As such, if you buy second-hand games, it’s looking increasingly likely that you’ll have to buy an additional code if you want to play multi-player games online.
At present, Resistance 3 is the only title to take advantage of the PlayStation Pass, but it seems like only a matter of time before others follow suit.

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