Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tiny, cheap Acer projector launched, is perfect for movies

Every year more and more people opt for laptops over regular PCs, but portable computers will never be as good when it comes to gaming, watching movies or presentations – not least because of the physically smaller screen size. A projector is one solution, and when they’re as small and affordable as the new Acer C110, you really can take it everywhere you go.

Costing just £199 when it hits the shops at the end of this month, the new Acer C110 pico projector is one of the smallest projectors on the market. Measuring in at 110×85 x 25mm, it’s little bigger than some smartphones, and is capable of projecting an 854×480-pixel image.

Granted, there are much sharper projectors on the market, but if you just want a simple gadget to watch the occasional movie on the big screen, or carry out a quick presentation, then this projector’s budget price makes it well worth a look.

Using DLP technology, the C110’s bulb lasts for a claimed 20,000 hours, and you won’t even need a power cable, with the tiny projector getting all it needs via a USB cable.

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