Saturday, 6 August 2011

Gas and electricity bills UP, learn how fuelmaster will save 20% + on your heating bills


20% off your heating bills

Be Financially & Environmentally "Friendly" and reduce you heating costs today.

British Gas and the big suppliers of gas and electricity raise bills by 19%.  Electricity up by 15%, when will it end.

The future of lower heating bills has arrived. Hot water and central heating costs are unavoidable and becoming increasingly expensive but they can easily be managed keeping the size of your bills to the bare minimum. FUELmaster could provide the answer.

There are many ways to achieve lower fuel bills which range from changing your fuel supplier to the installation of cavity wall and loft insulation. How economical is your boiler?

We at Tell Me First have what is arguably one of the most effective, least expensive and quickest ways customers can maximise fuel cost savings with the minimum of financial outlay and causing the least inconvenience to install. A typical return on product investment can be achieved in less than 12 months.

Fuelmaster Electronic Boiler Controls works equally well with boilers that burn Gas, Oil or LPG fuels, works on residential and semi commercial boilers.

Welcome to the "State of the Art" boiler efficiency manager.

fuelmaster save 20% on your heating bills

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