Wednesday, 31 August 2011

HTC Omega Windows Phone Mango incoming


HTC Omega Windows Phone Mango incoming

The first specs have been revealed for new HTC Windows Phone 7 Mango handset the HTC Omega, likely to be one of the devices launched at company’s press conference next week.

From the hush-hush facts that have appeared so far, the Omega will have an aluminium case (possibly a Unibody) that will house a 3.8-inch SLCD display. White and Silver is the only known colour scheme at present.

The new phone is likely to be powered by a 1.5GHz single-core Qaulcomm Snapdragon processor (MSM8255) and have 512 MB of RAM available. No storage is listed but it should be expandable via microHD/SDHD card. It should also support HD TV output via a micro-HDMI adapter and media ‘throwing’ to compatible kit via DLNA support.

The main rear-facing camera will be an 8 megapixel affair with an LED flash. The Omega will also have a front facing camera, leaving open the tantilising possibility of video chat and – we hope – Skype integration for Windows Phone 7 Mango devices.

HTC is expected to officially announce the HTC Omega at a press event on September the 1st. An second, higher-spec Mango handset with a larger 4.7 inch display is expected to be launched too, code-named the HTC Eternity.

Mango is the first major update for Windows Phone 7 and is intended to address many of the niggles that early adopters found with the original release.

Windows Phone 7 Mango now supports multitasking – or at least a form of task-switching using a long press of the Back button. The phone’s contacts app now integrates with your Facebook friends and you can see their status updates alongside their details.

3rd party apps should now be able to update Live Tiles on the homescreen and the update adds new voice controls and search SkyDrive cloud storage support and more.

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