Friday, 5 August 2011

RIM unveils new touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones

This morning saw the announcement of three new BlackBerry handsets, including a new BlackBerry Bold and two new touchscreen BlackBerry Torch models. Running the latest version of RIM’s BlackBerry OS, and with powerful specifications, can they be the handsets to take on Android and Apple?

The most striking model of the three is the new BlackBerry Torch 9860, featuring a large and vivid 3.8-inch touchscreen. This is the handset that RIM hopes will take on the Samsung Galaxy S IIs of the world, and with a fast 1.2GHz processor and new BB OS7 operating system it should be the company’s best pure touchscreen smartphone yet.

Regular BlackBerry users will probably prefer the Torch 9810 or Bold 9930, however, which both feature RIM’s excellent keyboard. The 9810 still gets a decent 3.2-inch touchscreen and the same processor as the 9860, but you’ll also be able to hammer out long emails or edit documents where necessary.

No matter how good hybrid or straight-up touchscreen smartphones get, however, some users will still love a traditional handset, which is where the Bold 9930 will appeal. It has the biggest keyboard of the three, and is perfectly suited (as always) to corporate users. It also gets a touch sensitive screen, however, making it easier to navigate the new OS or browse web pages.
The new handsets are available later this month, and we’ll be bringing you a hands-on review of all three soon.
RIM unveils new touchscreen BlackBerry smartphones by The Gadget Show

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