Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Turn your iPad into a mini iMac with the Stabile Pro stand by The Gadget Show


Out of all the tablets currently on sale, the Apple iPad 2 remains one of the best, mainly thanks to the more impressive range of tablet-related apps available. If you just use your iPad for watching movies or browsing the web, however, it’s worth investing in a stand, and the Stabile Pro iPad 2 stand has to be the nicest we’ve seen yet.

One of the reasons lots of people have yet to switch to tablets is the fact that you still have to hold them or prop them up when you’re carrying out tasks that aren’t interactive. This may be a major selling point when you’re reading an eBook, or watching a movie on the move, but it’s a pain when you just want to settle down and watch a film at home.

A stand is the solution, and the Stabile Pro iPad 2 stand fits the iPad’s design perfectly. It features a steel design that’s in keeping with the stand found on the iMac – so will fit perfectly into the home of Apple fans – and there’s also a solid ball joint on the back for swivelling your iPad for better viewing.

You can attach the iPad in both profile and landscape orientations, and when hooked up to a Bluetooth keyboard it really does promise to turn your iPad into a mini computer.

Made by Thoughtout, the Stabile Pro iPad 2 stand is set to cost a pricey $85. Although based in the US, the company ships worldwide.

Have you invested in a stand for your iPad, and does it get used much if so? Leave a comment and let us know.

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