Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Xbox 360 top 5 games chart


Xbox 360 top 5 games chart


Xbox 360 top 5 games chart

It’s been a pretty stable month for the Xbox 360 games chart, with not a lot happening to the top ten. There’s a host of brilliant new games on the way though – such as Battlefield 3 and the latest Call of Duty, so the games currently doing well had better enjoy their success, as we can’t imagine them holding onto the top spots for much longer. Read on to see the top five.

We hop you like shooters this month, as other games don’t really get a look in in the Xbox 360 top ten. In fact, the only one to completely eschew violence is Toy Story 3, which is now down to number eight.

Mafia 2 Mafia 2 has held the top spot for a little while now, with this shooter proving incredibly popular. As you can guess, it gives an immersive and dark insight into the world of the mafia, and it’s utterly addictive.

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days A game that’s been in the top ten since its release, Kane and Lynch may have slipped off the top spot, but it’s still doing better than all the other titles currently on sale.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Another first person shooter, Sniper Ghost Warrior takes third place in the games chart. A brutal game that lets you take on the role of a sniper, you’ll need to have your wits about you to remain undetected.

Red Dead Redemption An incredibly popular title, Red Dead Redemption may have slipped down from the very top of the rankings, but it’s still doing well.

Crackdown 2 Those of you hoping to find a game without violence in the top five will be disappointed, as Crackdown 2 has knocked Battlefield Bad Company 2 off the fifth spot, and is making its way up the chart.

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