Thursday, 22 September 2011

Apple iPhone 5 set to launch October 13th


Apple iPhone 5 set to launch October 13th?

We’re getting more and more excited about the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5, with the device claimed to be just around the corner. The latest snippet of information comes from network provider AT&T – join us after the cut to find out more.

It’s looking increasingly like Apple will launch two individual handsets this year – the Apple iPhone 4S, and the all-new Apple iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 rumour roundup

Details are still scarce for both models, but US network provider AT&T may have let slip the launch date for one of the smartphones.

AT&T users with iPhones have reported alerts when logging into their accounts, with details of upgrades that are available on the 13th October. Could this be the launch date for the new Apple iPhone 5?

Are you waiting for an Apple iPhone 5? What do you hope it will do that your current iPhone can’t? Leave a comment and let us know.

Apple iPhone 5 could copy iPod Touch design

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