Sunday, 11 September 2011

Apple Thunderbolt display set to hit the shops


Apple Thunderbolt display set to hit the shops

Apple Thunderbolt display set to hit the shops

It’s been quite a while since Apple announced its Thunderbolt-enabled LED Cinema Display, but the stunning screen is finally looking ready to hit the shops. Measuring in at 27 inches, we’d absolutely love to have one to go alongside our MacBook Pro.

Apple displays have always had a little something over traditional monitors. Granted, they do the same thing at the end of the day – making your laptop’s screen bigger or turning your Mac Mini into the complete package – but there’s nothing out there that can match the Cinema Display for style.

Looking like an even more stylish iMac, this slimline monitor features amazing build quality, with the same aluminium casing found on other high-end Apple products. It’s a lot more substantial than plastic monitors, and it goes some way to justifying the high price.

The latest Cinema Display also packs in Thunderbolt technology, letting you take advantage of the 10Gbps connector on your MacBook Pro or the newest MacBook Air.

Along with the Thunderbolt connection, there’s also a MagSafe connector attached to the cable, letting you charge your MacBook at the same time, with the use of just one cable. A neat and tidy solution.

The Thunderbolt Cinema Display is now available for pre-order in the US, so fingers crossed it’ll be going on sale here soon.

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