Monday, 26 September 2011

FIFA 12: 5 things you need to know!


FIFA 12: 5 things you need to know!

FIFA 12 is one of the games we’ve been the most excited about recently, with the game hitting the shops on the 30th September. It’s more than just a tweak, as well, and there’s a lot more to look forward to than just a new kit, the latest player and team updates. Read on for the five things you need to know about FIFA 12.

FIFA 12 is set to hit the shops tomorrow, and Electronic Arts’ blockbuster title offers a host of new changes. We’ve listed five of the most important below.

Tackling The way players tackle is one of the biggest updates to FIFA 12, and it’s a revelation. On older iterations of the game, it was easy to find yourself holding down a couple of buttons, and watching as the players made their own interceptions and tackles. Now you’ll have to do the hard part – you can still harass your rivals when they have the ball, but the computer won’t help you to tackle them like it did in the old days!

Players Despite the thrill-a-minute gameplay, FIFA is often let down by iffy graphics when you’re not kicking the ball around – most notably with close ups of the players. As with previous versions, FIFA 12 gets an update to make the players look more like their real-life counterparts, and it shows. Sure, they’re still not photorealistic, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Contact Although it initially looks quite to similar to older versions of FIFA, FIFA 12 is nothing short of a revolution when it comes to gameplay. The way players initiate or react to contact is another huge change, and you’ll now find players reacting to individual responses. Stick a foot out and he’s likely to stumble, push up against him and it’ll affect his upper body. It’s all a lot more physical, and seems a lot more realistic to us.

Artificial intelligence Electronic Arts has also fettled the computer intelligence for FIFA 12, with different clubs and players responding more in the manner you’d expect them to. You’ll find Bolton an incredibly robust team to play then, with Kevin Davis pushing the limit of what’s legal within the game, while Arsenal may well try to pass you to death. It’s all good fun, and leads to the game’s realism.

Teams and players Although nothing out of the ordinary, Electronic Arts has also made the usual changes to teams and players for FIFA 12. You’ll find all the right players at all the right teams – a simple feature that will be worth the price alone for lots of football fanatics

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