Sunday, 25 September 2011

Microsoft set to launch Mango before iOS 5?


Microsoft set to launch Mango before iOS 5?

It’s looking increasingly likely that Apple will launch its next-gen iPhone and iOS 5 in the next couple of weeks, and Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind. As such, the software giant is readying Mango – the latest version of Windows Phone, and it could also be here at the beginning of October.

Microsoft have been left in Apple’s wake before, spending years coming up with a product that could finally compete with iOS – Windows 7 – when it came to usability.

With Apple’s 5th iteration of iOS likely to launch in the next two weeks or so, Microsoft needs to avoid being left behind again, which is where Mango comes in.

Mango is the latest version of Windows Phone, offering over 500 changes and improvements over earlier iterations.

It won’t just be buyers of new handsets that benefit, either, with Eric Hautala, the General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft, pointing out that “firmware has been painstakingly tuned so your phone-and apps-work with all the new features of Windows Phone 7.5”.

With Apple now expected to launch its iOS platform and next-generation iPhone on the 4th October, we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft beat them to the punch by a day or two. The launch of Mango also means that Nokia can start its own revolution, with a host of Mango-based handsets set to hit the shops.

Would you consider opting for Windows Phone over iOS? Or will you wait and see what both new versions have to offer? Leave a comment and let us know.

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