Monday, 7 November 2011

HP Slate 2 brings Swype to Windows 7!


HP Slate 2 brings Swype to Windows 7!


HP Slate 2 brings Swype to Windows 7!

It’s almost difficult to remember all the Windows-based tablets that preceded the Apple iPad and Android, but HP hasn’t given up on the OS. The HP Slate 2 runs Windows 7, and gets the internals necessary to run a full-fat operating system.

This means that the HP Slate 2 looks distinctly old-school in comparison with the Apple iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab, with a slightly bulky design and a weight of around 700kg.

Those needing power and the versatility to run proper desktop applications will appreciate it, however, with an Intel Atom Z670 processor and 32GB of solid state storage onboard.

The screen on the HP Slate 2 measures in at 8.9 inches, and is both capacitive and capable of registering multiple touches. With Sywpe on board, it should a be a lot better than most Windows 7 devices when it comes to touchscreen usability.

As with the specifications and design, a battery life of six hours is more in keeping with tablets of yesteryear, falling a long way short of the ten hours plus offered by the latest Android and iOS options.

Still, that’s the price to pay for running a proper operating system – but at least you’ll also be able to install and run most of your regular software.

Would you buy the HP Slate 2? Or is Windows dead when it comes to touchscreen devices? Leave a comment and let us know what you think

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