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New Xbox console coming in 2012


New Xbox console coming in 2012


New Xbox console coming in 2012

The Microsoft owned Xbox brand just recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Now a decade on, rumours are flying around that a brand new Xbox console could launch very-very soon. Is Microsoft about to put the Xbox 360 out to pasture, read on to find out more.

Reports believe that a brand new Xbox console could make some kind of appearance at the CES 2012 expo. Sure, that’s when we’ll get the first glimpse but it could well be later in the year before we actually get to play with it!

A source recently told gaming publication Edge that game publisher and developer Ubisoft Montreal is currently working with on ‘target boxes’ that are based on ‘intended specifications of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor’.

Excitingly, the report also says that Ubisoft’s team will be taking its first delivery of dev-kits before Christmas this year. Astonishingly, the suggestion is that a finalised Xbox 360 successor could arrive at retail as early as late 2012.

EA Studios have also been mentioned among the developers of these ‘target boxes’, however the source was unable to share any more.

Microsoft has in the past suggested that the Xbox 360 could last ten years. A late 2012 launch would be just under two years short of that.

It also sounds like Sony and PlayStation 3 fans can get excited too. Edge goes on to reveal that a major Sony-owned studio has stopped PS3 development to focus on developing for ‘the console’s successor’. The rumour is that the studio us having a big hand in the development of the graphics technology that will soon find its way into the new PlayStation.

Like Microsoft, Sony has maintained that the PS3 would have a ten year lifespan before the next generation. The PS3 is currently six years old, having released in Japan in 2006.

A new Xbox console and a new PlayStation? It almost sounds too good to be true. But as rumours point to a CES 2012 preview of the new Xbox, January cannot come soon enough.

So, what do you think, will we see the next-gen Xbox 360 making it’s appearance at CES in the New Year? If so, how excited by this news are you? Let us know in the Comments below.

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