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Top 5 Apple iPhone apps to save and make you cash


Top 5 Apple iPhone apps to save and make you cash


Top 5 Apple iPhone apps to save and make you cash

In the run up to the holiday season when costs often run higher than earnings, it often pays to play a little clever and a little savvie with your wallet. Here we look at the top five apps for your iPhone that not only save you money but also give you the chance to make a little more!

Thanks to the wonders of super-fast 3G smartphones there are now more ways to save on the move by downloading free applications to help you save money and locate the best offers. Here are five iPhone apps to help save cash, and even make some yourself.


Appsmart is a clever app in that it helps you locate even more useful apps at lower prices. Once downloaded, Appsmart will alert users to any new apps on your want list drop in price. Users can discover these either by diving into Appsmart, or activating the push notifications alerting you to apps that are temporarily free, saving you money on that £6 game you’ve had eyes on. It may not sound like much now, but over time the savings add up to more than a bit of loose change.

eBay for iPhone

Whether you’re buying that gift you can’t get anywhere else or selling your unwanted tech, eBay is great for saving money and making a quick pound or two. eBay for iPhone makes maintaining auctions easy on the go. Menus display notifications on those watching, bidding and enquiring about your items. Search for bargains is also made simple by browsing the latest lists by category. A saved searches feature lets you revisit items for later without having to make a note of them. With thousands of users selling, you’re sure to save money on a hidden Christmas bargain not to be found on the high street.


musicMagpie is aimed at those hoping to free up space and make some cash while doing so by selling old unwanted CDs, DVDs and games. The app makes it easier to sell your old stuff by scanning barcodes of items using your iPhone. Users simply register on the app, scan the items, and receiver an instant offer for their goods. A free courier service will pick the items up. Making money from your old stuff couldn’t be easier.


Quidco is a moneysaving app with a difference where users actually make money by checking into shops. Quidco helps you to discover deals on the go. A Nearby Deals feature displays the nearest shops and amenities promoting the latest wallet-rescuing offers including the latest 2 for 1 restaurant deals. Some will reward you with cash once you check in. So for example you’ll receive around 25p for checking in to Debenhams, or Carphone Warehouse. By the end of a hard days Christmas shopping you’ll at least have enough to afford a much needed snack afterwards.

Voucher Codes

Voucher Codes is a formidable tool in any iPhone owners moneysaving armoury. The free to download and use app is updated daily with the latest vouchers, many of which cannot be found anywhere else for offers on tech, food, games, clothing and plenty more. And because it’s update regularly, you’ll always spot something new to save money on.

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