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The best Apple iPhone 4S apps of 2011



The best Apple iPhone 4S apps of 2011

Apple’s iPhone 4S is the latest Apple iPhone upgrade, bringing with it new features such as its voice assistant Siri, an eight-megapixel camera and 1080i video recording. Download apps and the iPhone 4S becomes even more fun. With that in mind we’ve picked out some of the best iPhone 4S apps of 2011.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a souped up version of the iOS space shooter optimised for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Galaxy on Fire boasts over 10 explosion-filled hours of gameplay in a 3D universe spanning over 20 star systems. It’s a blast.

One of the good things about the iPhone upgrade is a better camera. With 8 megapixels to play with camera apps such as Instagram are given a new lease of life. Those rose-tinted Instagram photos look positively rosier.

Find My FriendsFind My Friends makes it easy to locate friends and family with your iPhone 4S. All you need to do is send a friend or family member a request to see their location and have them accept. A temporary sharing location can be activated on days visiting friends to let them know if you’ll make it on time, or to let them see that you’ve made it home safely.

iMovie has always been around, but if you own an Apple iPhone 4S, iMovie is even better by the 1080i video recording skills of the latest iPhone. As usual, owners can add sound effects, photos and trim the length of clips in just a few swipes of the finger, before sharing via YouTube.

Real Racing 2Real Racing 2 is one of the best racing games for iPhone 4S, if not the best. It features updated graphics especially for the iPhone 4S and over 10 hours of racing gameplay, 16-player online races and 15 locations to race in.

Modern CombatLike console versions, first-person games done correctly on mobile phones are good fun to play. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is one of them. It can be played with more than one player over 13 missions full of memorable scenes of action. Multiplayer mode is played out by 12 players across six exclusive maps. As iPhone 4S games go this is a complete package.

This brand new app lets iPhone 4S owners create and send greeting cards with personalised greetings, photos and text to paste to pre-made cards that can be ordered from the app. Cards can be sent to anywhere in the world. Simply place your order and enter your Apple ID password.

Infinity Blade 2The most highly-rated game on the iPhone finally gets a sequel. And guess what? It’s even better, with new environments, three new combat styles and the fun gameplay fans remember. A must-have game for the iPhone 4S.

Shazam isn’t a new app by any means by it’s still one of the most handy to have around. It’s a music discovery app that tells you the name of any piece of music playing in the vicinity, the artist and album.

My Xbox LIVE
The My Xbox LIVE app has finally reached iOS devices. If you own an Xbox 360 and regularly play games over Xbox LIVE, you need this app. It lets you view and customise your avatar, check your Xbox Achievements and those of your friends. You’ll can even send messages to those on your Xbox LIVE friend list.

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iPhone4S become popular for their new features application. I am also big fan of iPhone4S. Real racing 2 is one of my best application. Hope exciting for new version.