Monday, 12 December 2011

Top 5 accessories for PS3 this Christmas

Top 5 accessories for PS3 this Christmas
Looking to get the most from your PS3 this Christmas? A 2011 full of great game releases has ensured there are plenty of titles to play.
To get even more from the console we’ve picked out five of the best PS3 accessories for all budgets. From game controller accessories to headsets. In no particular order, here are our top 5 PS3 accessories this Christmas.

PlayStation Move

The PlayStation Move may have been overshadowed by the Xbox 360’s Microsoft Kinect, but for those looking for PS3 accessory for having fun at Christmas, the PlayStation Move is compatible with lots of games. Launch game Sports Champions costs just £15 from most online retailers. Other fun titles to play at Christmas include Just Dance 3 and zombie blaster House of the Dead: Overkill. 

Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick

To get the most out of any fighting game you’re going to need an authentic arcade stick – because no fighting game aficionado can ever be seen twiddling a joypad. The Street Fighter IV Arcade Fightstick (pictured above) is made by trusted accessory experts Mad Catz. It features an eight-button and premium build quality and looks the business. This is the fightstick to be seen playing your favourite fighters.

Tritton AX Pro Dolby 5.1 True Surround sound headset

A top quality HD TV is an essential purchase for those wanting to get the most from their gaming, but if you want to step it up a bit, what you really need is an awesome gaming headset. The Tritton AX Pro is one of the most highly-rated around. It Sound is played out in Dolby 5.1 Surround using eight independent speakers housed in the headset. A detachable microphone lets you engage in multiplayer chat for use when playing games with friends over the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or on PC and Mac. At around £140 they may be pricey, but these are among the very best. 

Sony Blu-Ray Disc Remote

The PS3 isn’t just a games console. It doubles up as a Blu-ray player to play the latest films in full 1080p high definition. To get the most of this you can purchase Sony’s Blu—Ray Disc Remote for PS3. It makes it easier for non-gamers to navigate menus and makes scrolling through those DVD extras a doddle.

PS3 Wireless Keypad

One of the nice features about the PS3 is being able to send messages to friends for free over the console. The problem is that typing messages can get fiddly, and take too long. This PS3 Wireless Keypad features a QWERTY keypad that neatly attaches onto the top of a PS3 controller. It may look unnatural but you’d be surprised just how much easier and quicker it is to type out long messages.
Are there any other PS3 accessories that you would like to recommend for Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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