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Top 5 Apple accessories every Apple fan would love by


Top 5 Apple accessories every Apple fan would love

Whether you own an Apple iPhone 4S, an iPad 2 or a MacBook Pro there are plenty of accessories you can buy for each. What’s more, with Christmas just around the corner, you’ve just enough time to get them on your list for Santa. Check out the Top 5 Apple accessories every Apple fan would love!

From keyboard docks to earphones, we’ve selected five accessories for Apple gadgets any Apple fan would love to receive. Read on for our top five Apple accessory picks and potential stocking filler ideas for the Apple fan.

Apple iPad keyboard dock

If you’ve got an Apple iPad you’ll find typing on its screen takes some getting used to. Thankfully you can buy a keyboard attachment that docks onto the bottom of the iPad – keeping it upright while allowing you to type away. The official keyboard docks are very compact, are made from aluminium, and have low profile keys. It’s also small enough to pop in your bag with your iPad 2.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

OK, so we’re using the term ‘accessory’ loosely here, but if you already own an iPhone or iPod Touch, the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is one of the best pieces of kit for getting the most from your iTunes music collection. It looks and sounds fantastic. The latest model features AirPlay, letting you stream music from any Apple computer to the Zeppelin Air to fill up the room with sound. 

SoundMagic E10

Apple’s portable range of gadgets are well made, have some great features and are capable of delivering top-notch sound. But only if you’ve got a decent pair of earphones. The standard Apple earphones that come bundled do a job, but aren’t of the best quality. For fantastic-sounding earphones without the high cost check out the SoundMagic’s E10 earphones are the best in its class. They cost just £35 but to do the job of earphones up to three times the cost.

iPad Smart Cover

Got an Apple iPad 2? If so, these iPad Smart Covers are very good for protecting your tablet without the unnecessary bulk that usually comes with covers. A clever design neatly folds against the iPad 2 to protect its screen. The Smart cover even doubles up as a keyboard stand that folds into an upright position for comfortable typing.

Apple Magic Mouse

For Apple MacBooks and and the iMac Apple’s Magic Mouse is a wonderful accessory that uses the same multi-touch technology you’ll find in the iPhone. Apple’s Magic Mouse introduced the first range of multi-touch mouse that you don’t need to move to scroll through pages. It combines the same functionality of a two-button mouse without the buttons.

Got a favourite Apple accessory you’ve added to your Christmas list? Let us know about it in the Comments below.

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