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Top 5 party console games for Christmas 2011

Top 5 party console games for Christmas 2011
The current crop of games consoles have shattered the notion that gaming is anti-social once and for all. Today’s consoles are all about entertainment, movement and fun – in other words, they’re perfect for a party. Join us as we look at five top titles to get the party started this Christmas.
This time of year is party season, but instead of dishing up the same old combo of snacks, tunes and small talk, why not spice the occasion up with some party games to get everyone involved? With all three major consoles now featuring motion control add-ons, gaming is more active and immersive than ever before, so let’s check out the top party games on the shelves right now.

Just Dance 3 (all platforms)There are loads of dance titles out there, but we’ve selected Just Dance 3 because not only is it one of the best of the breed, but it’s also available on all three platforms and is one of the newest titles on the scene. Up to four players can dance together (or eight on the Wii) and you can even create your own dance routine for your fellow players to try and emulate.
We Sing Rock (Wii)We Sing was the first karaoke game to appear on the Wii, and the franchise has now gone on to sell more than a million copies worldwide. The latest release is focused around rock music, but features the same well-designed formula of fun and interactivity that has made the series so successful. Checking out your mates doing their best Alice Cooper or Motorhead impressions should be worth a few laughs this Christmas!

Wii Party (Wii)The Wii’s rival consoles have come a long way since Wii Party first surfaced more than a year ago now, but it remains a great example of what made Nintendo’s console such a favourite in the first place. Just about useless for a solo player, Wii Party cranks up the fun for two to four players with a series of games designed to raise a smile and get everyone involved.

Michael Jackson: The Experience (all platforms)The King of Pop had a style all his own, and now you can showcase your own dancing and singing talents against the backdrop of nearly all of MJ’s best-known hits. Perfect your signature dance moves and you’ll unlock achievements, plus of course you’ll earn the adoration of thousands of fans. A treat for Jackson fans, and good fun for everyone else, The Experience is well worth considering.

Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games (Wii)For some unashamedly simple multi-player gaming giggles, surely the Mario and Sonic mashup to mark London’s hosting of the Olympic Games next year delivers a gold medal performance. It’s comprehensive enough that there’s something for everyone, but doesn’t take itself so seriously that things become overly competitive. A solid choice for any party.

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Mario and just dance both are favorite from above lists. During this Christmas, i think that we will their new series as soon. Above all the games are really dashing.