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The best gadgets that could appear at CES 2012


The best gadgets that could appear at CES 2012


The best gadgets that could appear at CES 2012

CES 2012 – the biggest technology and gadgets convention takes place in Las Vegas next month. For three days lucky attendees will get a chance to see future tech and the gadgets we’ll be lusting for in 2012. Big announcements are expected during the course of the show, many of which are being kept a secret. So what can we hope to see at CES 2012?

With CES just around the corner, we’ve been looking at some of the best gadgets that are on their way. Read on to find out more.

Windows 8 tablets 
It looks like the Apple iPad 2 will have serious competition in 2012, because the word is that Microsoft will show off a Windows 8 tablet at the show. Microsoft has already confirmed a public beta release of Windows 8 for February 2012, however, if reports are anything to go by, we’ll have seen Windows 8 working on a tablet before then. Those familiar with the latest Windows interface would agree that it would match tablets perfectly. You only need to check out the Xbox 360 dashboard working with Microsoft Kinect to see the potential, so we can’t wait to see Windows 8 on a new platform.

The World’s biggest iPod dock
Even before the show, the Behringer iNuke Boom iPod dock has been grabbing the headlines. It’s an 8ft wide, 4ft tall dock that weighs over 700 pounds, and can deliver a staggering 10,000 watts of audio. The colossal iPod dock is worth going to see alone, let alone hearing. Just remember to pack the ear plugs. 

Behringer iNuke Boom: The 8ft iPd dock with monster sound

Glasses-free 3D TVsLast year’s show saw glasses-free 3D TV being shown off. These weren’t small televisions the size of a Nintendo 3DS – these were stonking big tellies that do all the active shuttering inside the television set. However, those were prototypes, so expect glasses-free TV to have a bigger presence this time around. Could glasses-free TV reach the high street in 2012? We’ll soon find out.

A new Xbox console? We’re only at the turn of a new year, yet already new Xbox rumours are surfacing. The latest rumours predict that Microsoft will attempt to get another head-start on Sony by showing off the new Xbox console in some form at CES 2012. One suggestion is that Microsoft is planning to release not one, but two Xbox consoles. One of them is said to be in the form of a set-top-box for the living room with Microsoft Kinect built-in. 

New Xbox coming in 2012 Sony Ericsson Arc HD
The Sony Ericsson Arc HD, or Sony Ericsson Nozomi as it has also been known could be the last ever Sony Ericsson phone as Sony swallows up the Sony Ericsson brand. If so, the brand will go out with a bang. The Sony Ericsson Arc HD is a 1.5GHz dual-core phone with a 12-megapixel camera that plays back 720p HD video and has a 3.5-inch display.

ExoPC EXOdesk 
This futuristic interactive desk is a multi-touch digital workspace resembling something straight out of Spielberg’s Minority Report. The desk measures 40 inches and comes with support for apps that are projected onto the desk surface. Users of the EXOdesk will even be able to peep their RSS feed.

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