Monday, 6 February 2012

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A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

art glass radiator

Contemporary glass radiators for your central heating system
There has always been a problem with plumbed in radiators, they are so ugly. Radiators are a necessity, and usually look functional without any real design appeal or aesthetics.

This is not the case when you consider the new Art range of glass radiators for central heating systems, the possibilities are nearly endless. The glass Radiator is designed to be easily fitted into your existing central heating system.

Whatever your style, express yourself with an Glass Art radiator from Tell Me First. You can have any image/picture on the glass. There are a couple of things to check to be sure your image will work on a Glass radiator. You will need quite a large, high quality photo and you need to consider what the photo will look like when its cropped to fit the radiator.

art glass radiator

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Cast Iron Radiators said...

This is so cool! The glass radiators will really enhance the looks of a home while providing the needed heat. Thanks for sharing this!