Friday, 10 February 2012

Aurasma augmented reality app brings toys to life

Aurasma augmented reality app brings toys to life
Augmented reality specialist Aurasma has teamed up with toy manufacturer Bandai to bring toys sitting on shelves to life in full 3D, letting children play with them before a box is opened. Toy shopping will never be the same.

Such augmented reality wizardry is made possible via a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets children and big-boys and girls-alike view a toy in action, and with sound as if they were real.

Augmented reality technology has been around before, but not quite like this, used on the back of toy boxes. The idea is to transform the shopping experience by bringing toys to life within seconds of pointing your compatible handset at the back of a box.

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Seeing a toy come to life is sure to entertain children, bored of looking at static store shelves, and give parents a better idea of the toys they are buying for their kids. Unlike some augmented reality tech, Aurasma has no need to scan in QR codes, so potentially any object can be brought to life.
Should you wish to try it out, head to your nearest toy shop and point your Aurasma-enabled iOS or Android device at the boxes of Bandai toys including Lion-O from Thundercats, and then watch it swing its sword in full 3D as you tilt and bring it closer to your eyes for a better look.
We’ve given it a try for ourselves, and can confirm that the Aurasma app does work. Go on, give it a try, or see it in action here. The Aurasma app is available now for free on the Android Market and Apple’s App Store for iPad 2 and iPhone.

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