Saturday, 4 February 2012

Five for the weekend: Nokia’s new 12MP Lumia 910, no Xbox 720, Windows Phone 8 leaks and more

Five for the weekend: Nokia’s new 12MP Lumia 910, no Xbox 720, Windows Phone 8 leaks and more

It’s been another great week in gadget land. OK, no staggering new devices hits the shops but the week has been dominated by new phone leaks, new online streaming services and the hottest gaming rumours around.
If you missed any of our top stories, fear not: we’ve rounded them up in one place, taking in word of Nokia’s latest 12-megapixel camera, Sky’s new internet TV service and the latest on the Xbox 720.

The beginning of the week was dominated by Nokia gossip. Known insider Eldar Murtazin tweeted about the existence of a 12-megapixel Nokia 910. It was a rumour, and then the device begun appearing on store websites, appearing to confirm what we suspected. Exciting stuff. Mobile World Congress takes place at the end of this month, so we hope to find out more.

Sky’s new television service will let viewers watch programmes on a pay as you watch basis. So there’s no need to subscribe. Even better is that those who use the service will be able to watch on all sorts of devices including mobile phones, tablets and video game consoles.

BlackBerry phones are in for a major revamp, starting with the forthcoming BlackBerry London. The first picture of the device landed on the web, revealing a very different look. There are no buttons for a start. Word is it will be the most powerful BlackBerry phone yet, and make more use of apps than any previous BlackBerry device ever did.

Rumours of a n new Xbox console, already dubbed the Xbox 720 have been rumbling for months. Those rumours could now show signs of coming to an end after Xbox France confirmed that Microsoft will not be showing anything new console-wise this year.

A video that wasn’t supposed to be released has spilled the beans on all the new features set to arrive in Windows Phone 8. Among them: SD card support, Near Field Communication, more apps and more power. Hit the link to learn more about the operating system with the potential to rival Android and iOS.

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