Sunday, 5 February 2012

iPhone 5 camera to pack groundbreaking focus technology

iPhone 5 camera to pack groundbreaking focus technology
Information about Apple’s next big phone may be thin on the ground, but we can be certain that its camera looks destined for a major upgrade. Each new iPhone has seen improvements to its camera, but the next iPhone could see the biggest change yet. Read on to find out more about the iPhone 5 and its groundbreaking camera tech.

Rather than ramming up the megapixel count, which may also happen, Apple is believed to be working with the makers of the very clever Lytro camera to develop the kind of photo-taking tech unseen in camera phones.

The claims come from Forbes magazine writer Adam Lashinky’s book “Inside Apple” in which it is claimed that the late Steve Jobs met with Ren Ng, the founder of Lytro – makers of a very clever light field camera that manages to squeeze in some amazing photographic focussing technology inside very small cameras.

Put two and two together and Lytro would appear a perfect for Apple’s ambitions. The Lytro camera, earlier nominated as one of CES 2012’s most innovative gadgets delivers a new way to take photos by letting you re-focus on subjects after a shot a shot has been taken.

What does that mean? Well, with no need to focus, or autofocus you could take a photo of anything, even fast-moving objects and have your photos continue to look fantastic regardless of the conditions – a perfect fit for smartphone photography.

Fitting such technology inside the Apple iPhone 5 could be just what Apple has on the cards.

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