Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pure Music: Five things you need to know

Pure Music: Five things you need to know
Famous internet radio brand Pure has just launched its very own music streaming service called Pure Music, offering unlimited listening to music, radio, podcasts and more from under a fiver.
With plenty of fellow music streaming services such as Spotify and Napster already available, does Pure Music have what it takes to compete? Here are five things you need to know about Pure Music…

Try it for free
For a limited time only Pure is offering a one month free trial, which should be more than enough time to discover whether the music service is the right one for you. To take part you’ll need to create a free Lounge account and enter your credit card details to prove your country of residence, and that you are over 18. Don’t worry: Pure promises that no payment will be nabbed from your card.

Streaming for under a fiver
For £4.99 customers can stream as much music, radio and podcast listening as you please. That’s the same price per month as both Napster Unlimited and Spotify Unlimited.

Listen to music offline
From March, those interested enough in the service can invest in the premium service. For £9.99 listeners will be able to store their songs and playlists offline for use absolutely anywhere they wish – particularly handy for when you’re on the train, or a long flight.

Listen on your iOS or Android phone
A free Pure Lounge app available from the Apple App Store and Android market lets subscribers listen to music on their iOS or Android portable smartphone or tablet, providing the same full service found on the desktop.

Access the service from compatible Lounge products
Owners of Pure internet radios will be able to access the Pure Lounge service directly to listen to music, and even search their music library using the dials and search functions of compatible Pure Lounge products such as the Pure Evoke Flow.

Would you be tempted to ditch Spotify or Napster and sign up to a different music service? Let us know in the comments section below

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