Monday, 6 February 2012

Sky launches new internet TV service for non-subscribers!

Sky launches new internet TV service for non-subscribers!
Sky TV has revealed plans to launch a new internet TV service letting even those who do not subscribe to any of Sky’s many packages watch shows at any time. Users will be able to watch the shows from any device from the computer to the smartphone.

If all that sounds familiar, that’s because it sounds like the current Sky Go service, however the new service will be quite different, and more flexible.

Should you wish to watch a one-off show or film for the evening, you’ll be able to pay for it upfront by renting it, doing away with the need to purchase a full month’s subscription – so you’re not tied up to any long deals or costly contracts. 

The current Sky Go service already allows Sky shows to be viewed on a range of gadgets, however, Sky Go is restricted to paying Sky subscribers, so Sky will be hoping that the new service introduces new customers to its plethora of services.
Sky already offers an impressive selection of films and U.S dramas. The announcement seems to fit in more with films and drama, possibly leaving football – one of Sky’s main draws untouched, but there’s no doubting that quick and cheap one-off payments for big football events such as UEFA Champions League games would be very popular.

We look forward to hearing more about what the new Sky TV service has to offer in the coming months. More as soon as we get it.

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