Thursday, 12 April 2012

Half of drivers use smartphone while driving

Half of drivers use smartphone while driving

Are smartphones endangering our lives? A study has found that just under half of British drivers are flouting driving laws by using their smartphone behind the wheel. One in five even admit to checking email and browsing the web, while men are more likely to use their phones while driving than women.

Today’s smartphones are capable of more than ever, keeping us more connected than ever before. But are they transforming us into smartphone obsessives unable to tear ourselves away from them?


new figures from insurance company Direct Line indicate that 48 per cent of Brits are using their phones behind the wheel. According to the study four out of ten young drivers owned up to using hand-held phones compared to 30 per cent of older drivers.

Online connectivity and apps appear to be one of the main culprits responsible for bad driving habits. More than one in five young drivers go online, check email and use apps behind the wheel compared with under one in ten older drivers.

Meanwhile men (50 per cent) were more likely than women (47 per cent) to use their phone while driving. We all love using our smartphones, but it comes at a serious risk.
 “Use a phone while driving and you are taking a horrendous risk with your own life and the lives of others,” said Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of road safety charity Brake.

“Many drivers who wouldn’t dream of drink-driving are using phones while driving, oblivious that the effect on your reaction times can be similar. We’re urging people to drive smart, recognising that phone use at the wheel can and does destroy lives and that no call or text is ever that important.

“If you need to use your phone urgently, pull over somewhere safe first – it’s as simple as that.” Sounds pretty clear to us. Remember, if you must use your smartphone, at least invest in a Bluetooth hands-free kit to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. But only if you must. Drive safe, gadget fans

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