Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Joystick developed for smartphone gaming!


Joystick developed for smartphone gaming!

The latest touchscreen smartphones have proven to be excellent portable gaming devices, but the one thing they truly lack are proper gaming controls. However, one team of developers think they’ve cracked the ultimate gaming challenge with a 3-Axis analog joystick, read on to find out more.

Let’s face it, touchscreen controls can be rubbish for all but the most basic of games. To solve the problem a team at Keio University has come up with a 3-Axis analog joystick that pairs with the front-facing camera of your phone to transform it into a gaming handheld.

To make it work, the inventors have assembled an elastic device that features small markers that are detected by the front-facing camera, as of the team explains in this video . 

“By tracking how the markers move as the elastic device deforms, this system enables a variety of inputs. When you press the device the markers move further apart or they move horizontally or vertically, or they get skewed.”

By being able to move in different directions, the joystick allows freedom of movement, which in turn would give game developers the chance to add complex controls to games.

Fighting games such as Street Fighter that have been ported from console to mobile phone have traditionally been very poor. A joystick such as this would deliver a more authentic experience than is possible using touchscreen controls.

Another upside is being able to play without obstructing the screen with your fingers, also preventing the display to become oily. So you can ditch the screen wipes. Proper gaming controls on our smartphone? Yes please

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