Saturday, 21 April 2012

Microsoft boasts of 32 different Windows 8 tablets to take on iPad

Microsoft boasts of 32 different Windows 8 tablets to take on iPad

The Apple iPad continues to be the leading tablet computer. To combat this Microsoft is reportedly working with its hardware partners to launch not one, but a total of 32 different Windows 8 tablets this year, with some costing less than £200.

By flooding the market with Windows 8 tablets, the plan is to decrease the market share of the iPad from 70 per cent to below 50 per cent by mid 2013, reports Digitimes. The Windows 8 tablets are already in development.

It is estimated that at the current rate of development there will be 32 Windows 8 tablets arriving this year, launched by the likes of Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Packard Bell, and more, priced from around $300 (£187) rising to $1,000 (£623).

Any of the prices mentioned could deliver some serious competition not just to the iPad, but other tablet devices, too such as the Amazon Kindle Fire abroad. Despite the increasing presence of tablets in the market, there is still a lack of choice of truly great tablets worthy of toppling the iPad.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley recently described the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the “only serious” competitor to the Apple iPad. Asus would of course have something to say about that. Its new quad-core Asus Transformer Prime TF700 is already on our most-wanted list.

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