Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab “only serious” competitor to iPad, says former Apple boss

Samsung Galaxy Tab “only serious” competitor to iPad, says former Apple boss

Looking for an alternative to Apple’s new iPad? Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That’s the verdict of former Apple CEO, John Sculley. The ex Apple boss described the Galaxy Tab as the “only serious tablet competitor” to the iPad. Glowing praise indeed. But is he right?

There’s no doubting Apple’s dominance of the tablet category. Apple continues to set the tablet trend, breaking records in the process. Its new iPad sold over 3 million in its first weekend on sale. 


In fact, ever since the first generation iPad launched, competitors have been playing catchup. According to Sculley they still are. “I predict many good years ahead for Apple. The only serious tablet competitor in sight to the iPad at this time is Samsung’s Galaxy,” he told The Economic Times in India . 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the latest tablet devices to receive the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. So if you own one, the best tablet since the iPad (according to Sculley) has just got an upgrade. But is there really none better? Asus, with its incoming Eee Transformer Prime TF700 tablet would have something to say about that when it launches later this year. 


However it’s not all predicted doom and gloom for Apple’s competitors. Sculley believes there’s still room for a competitor to Apple in the budget smartphone category. “Many tech watchers in the US have pretty much written off Nokia and Microsoft as serious competitors in the smartphone market. I think Nokia and Microsoft may surprise the industry with a successful low-end smartphone.”

Sculley also believes that Windows 8 will have a big part to play in things, as we look ahead to the first generation of Microsoft tablets, which will hopefully arrive later this year

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