Thursday, 17 May 2012

Apple iPhone 5: 4-inch display rumours gather pace


Apple iPhone 5: 4-inch display rumours gather pace

Anyone familiar with the Apple rumour industry – and it is very much an entire industry – will be all too familiar with the claims and supposed leaks that are starting to emerge as we inch closer to the announcement of another new iPhone.

And year after year, one of the most popular rumours is that Apple is going to increase the iPhone’s screen size to counter the ever-growing ranks of large-screened Android rivals around.

So it’ll be little surprise to see whispers of an iPhone screen size jump building yet again ahead of the iPhone 5’s expected arrival in the autumn.

The Wall Street Journal claims that a number of independent (but unnamed) sources are swearing blind that Apple has committed to “at least” a 4-inch display, with Reuters having since come out and said its own sources are saying the same thing. Which could of course mean they’re the same sources, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

The WSJ reckons Apple has already placed panel orders with a range of suppliers, including LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display, in anticipation of the massive tide of orders likely to accompany the launch of its latest handset in a few months’ time.

However, convincing as the latest claims may be, barely six weeks have passed since similarly believable rumours were doing the rounds that Apple was planning to stick with the 3.5-inch display size that has served it so well until now, while other rumours from around the same time spoke of a 4.6-inch display.

They can’t all be right, obviously, and given the sometimes highly creative nature of Apple rumours, they could all in fact be wrong. We suspect the argument is only going to be settled once and for all when the iPhone 5 actually launches. As for exactly when that’s going to happen, well that’s a whole new discussion.

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