Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pure Evoke Mio colour radios come out to play


Pure Evoke Mio colour radios come out to play

Pure has added to its extensive array of sexy digital FM radios with its new Pure Evoke Mio, wrapped up in half a dozen new colours for Spring 2012. Just like most of its range, the pure Evoke Mio comes with a good reputation. If you’re looking for a stylish bedside or kitchen radio, read on to hear more about the Pure Evoke Mio, and those trendy new shades. 

The new colours – rose, paprika, seagrass, pepper, sage and mustard – feature a a two-tone look that we think gives each a modern, yet classic look, adding to the existing colours – teal, grape, cherry and noir.

The Pure Evoke Mio range takes inspiration from another of Pure’s famous digital radios – the Pure Evoke-1S. The Pure Evoke Mio features a digital and FM radio, and an input to plug in your iPod/MP3 player or your smartphone to listen to its tunes through the Pure Evoke Mio’s speaker. An OLED display shows information on which radio station you’re listening to. The Pure Evoke Mio can also call upon a an alarm and a kitchen timer with 30 presets.

The Pure Evoke Mio makes a capable kitchen radio, but should you want to take it out and about, you can buy an optional E1 ChargePAK for around £35 that gives you up to 24 hours of listening between charges.

The Pure Evoke Mio will also play friendly with Pure Music – the company’s music streaming service, however we recommend clicking on our music streaming guide at the link below before committing. The latest Pure Evoke shades will be available for £130 from June 2012

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