Saturday, 16 June 2012

Amazon lists £199 Wii U, page vanishes as customers left in limbo


Amazon lists £199 Wii U, page vanishes as customers left in limbo

Nintendo may not have officially confirmed a price for the Nintendo Wii U but it appears online store Amazon did it for them, by listing the Nintendo Wii U up for pre-order for £199. This pre-order page has now been taken down, as Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton labels price talk as “speculation.”

Prior to the pre-order page being taken down, visitors were able to pre-order the Nintendo Wii U at £199. A default landing page now appears encouraging visitors to sign up to be notified the item becomes available.

Nintendo had yet to actually confirm a price, but that wouldn’t have stopped customers pre-ordering the console. It’s likely that many customers will have received pre-order confirmation emails, and may be left disappointed when, or if Amazon fails to honour those orders.

That is, should the price be incorrect. Nintendo’s UK boss David Yarnton confirmed to VideoGamer that Nintendo has yet to discuss pricing with retail, and that current price talk is nothing but guesswork.

“People can only speculate. We haven’t discussed pricing with retail either so whatever they do is off their own back. It’s only speculation.”

It appears that Nintendo cannot yet confirm a Wi U price, although according to Yarnton, current guesstimates have been wide off the mark. On current price listings he commented: “I’ve seen some prices in the past that have been so astronomically out of the ball park that they just put it there and sort it out later.”

The message is clear: don’t believe a price until it has been officially confirmed. A release date for Wii U has also yet to be announced, although we already know it will be arriving some time before Christmas

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