Monday, 4 June 2012

Top 5 high-powered water pistols for Summer 2012


Top 5 high-powered water pistols for Summer 2012

There are plenty of ways to keep cool in the summer, but perhaps the most fun of them all is by having a water fight. With that refreshingly fun thought in mind here are 5 high-powered water pistols for the big kid in all of us. 

From handheld water shooters to giant water cannons, here we’ve picked out five different kinds of water pistols and toys fit to grace any summer pool party or impromptu water fight. Check them out, and where to find each one below.

Giant Water Cannon

This isn’t so much a high-powered water pistol as a bringer of soggy doom. The Giant Water Cannon could quite rightly form the centerpiece of any water based defence against your foes in a H20 battle to end them all. It shoots up to 100ft and has a tripod to work as a kind of moisture-rattling machine gun. It connects straight to a tap, so you’ll never run our of ammo. Nobody will escape a soaking. Nobody. Check it out, here. 

Water Wars Pistol and Vest Game 

Water pistols are more fun when you’ve got someone to aim your soggy bullets at. This Water Wars Pistol and Vest Game features a pair of water shooters and a pair of vests with an irresistible target on the front. Scoring a direct hit and the vest goes red in this fun game of water warfare. The player with the least red vest after the game is the victor, with the loser left both red-faced and red-vested. Get it here.

Nerf Super Soaker Thunder Storm

The Nerf Super Soaker Thunder Storm is as deadly as its moist moniker sounds. The handheld water tooter shoots deadly water blasts up to 25 feet away. An oversized clip stores all the ammo you need to leave your foes drenched. Get it here. 

Water Blaster XLR Water Cannon

The Water Blaster XLR is the perfect pool accessory. It’s light, easy to grip, isn’t heavy and floats in water. It’s like some sort of mini water bazooka, and a whole lot of fun, capable of shooting over an impressive 60 feet away and refillable in seconds. Get it here.

Aqua Force Crossbow

Call us cheaters, but this water-bomb-blasting crossbow was just too tempting to leave off our water pistol dream team. This watery weapon of choice flings water balloons of destruction up to a colossal 80 feet away. According to stockist Firebox, that’s the length of two Tyrannosaurus Rex away. And for when you’ve vanquished your foes, a target practice sheet lets you further hone your ninja-like aim See it here

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