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Apple iPhone 5: hottest rumour roundup


Apple iPhone 5: hottest rumour roundup

As the release of the iPhone 5 surely draws closer, the already sizzling rumours continue to hot up. Everyone wants to know about the next iPhone, but what do we really know of Apple’s next smartphone? The answer lies somewhere here, in our roundup of the hottest Apple iPhone 5 rumours.

From what colours will be available at launch, to the size of the memory cards rumored to be injecting the iPhone 5 with more memory than an elephant, here’s a bitesize chunk of the hottest iPhone 5 rumours.

The iPhone 5 will have a larger screen

That the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen than the current iPhone looks dead cert, but how big will it be? The most consistent rumours indicate a 4-inch Retina Display. That’s half an inch larger than the current models, but still nearly smaller than say, the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 4.8-inch display. Will that be big enough? 

iPhone 5 blueprint reveals larger display

A white iPhone 5 could be ready at launch

Earlier this week a photo appeared online of what could be the final case design for a white iPhone 5. From the looks of things, the iPhone 5 will have a 16:9, 4-inch display, and a slightly tweaked camera position, centred, rather than to the left of the earpiece. But the big news is that a white iPhone 5 may exist, suggesting that one might actually be available at launch. Apple customers have in the past had to wait for months for a white iPhone 4. A white iPhone 5 would race off the shelves quicker than you can say FaceTime. 

Apple’s thinnest ever screen

The iPhone 5 is reported to feature a new type of LCD screen with built-in touch sensors, saving on space for better components inside, and bringing the weight of the iPhone 5 down. The payoff is a larger, but thinner iPhone. 

It will have a two-tone design

A two-tone look will be the biggest design overhaul to the iPhone range since the iPhone 4. Alleged photos of the device have shown the back panel of the phone in black and white, and silver aluminium and white using a combination of metal and glass. The iPhone 5 could be the most striking looking iPhone yet.

Groundbreaking camera focus technology

A rumour back in January suggested that one of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone 5 will be in its camera. Apple has been rumoured to be working with camera technology specialist Lytro to develop cameras that that lets users focus after a shot is taken. The payoff would be great pictures, no matter how fast moving the subject. 

iPhone 5 camera to pack groundbreaking camera tech

The iPhone 5 will use nano-Sims 
 With nano-sims, Sim cards are about to get smaller, and the iPhone will be among the first devices to feature the smallest sim ever sim cards, freeing up more room in its innards, presumably for all the amazing tech rumoured to feature inside the iPhone 5. 
 It’s coming this year

As the rumour mill goes into overdrive and pictures begin leaking online, a 2012 iPhone 5 release looks increasingly likely. Reports from China suggest that the iPhone 5 is already being put into production to make way for a release in the coming months. Will you be waiting in line for an iPhone 5?

iPhone 5

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