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Five Questions About: British Gas profits - Spend & Save - Money -


Again big business shows it’s contempt for it clients by, lets be frank ripping us off.  Supermarkets, banks and utility companies live in a different world to you and me and it shows when they announce their profits.  Now I fully understand that profits need to be made but according to British gas in the winter they were looking at loosing money.  If this is what they call loosing money then we should all use their business model.  So here are the 5 questions


1 Presumably they've soared again?

They sure have. In fact, they're up 23 per cent in the past six months to a whopping £345m. The company says it profited from the bad weather in the first part of the year as everyone was forced to turn up their heating.

2 Great news. So can we expect lower bills?

Not a chance. In fact, the firm has already warned its 15.8m customers that bills are likely to climb again in the autumn. Meanwhile, the average household energy bill for a British Gas customer has climbed by 14.5 per cent – or £160 – since January 2011

3 But if the company is increasing profits, surely it can cut charges?

Not according to British Gas chiefs. They say the company needs to increase profits to pay for future investment in infrastructure and more fuel-efficient homes.

4 Ah. So does that mean we will we get cheaper bills in the future?

Probably not. The company seems to be more focused on increasing returns to shareholders than offering better deals to consumers.

5 So what can I do?

Switch to a rival supplier which offers a cheaper deal. Go online and research on the many comparison sites. But bear in mind that deals change all the time, so you may need to check again in a few months

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