Thursday, 12 July 2012

iPhone 5 and iPad mini prototypes leaked


iPhone 5 and iPad mini prototypes leaked

What could be the first sighting of both the iPhone 5 and iPad mini have appeared online, providing a first look at what appears to be a larger 4-inch iPhone, and a smaller, thinner iPad with a few design tweaks around the edges and an extra speaker for a better-sounding iPad.

While this isn’t the first time such a rumour has appeared online, it is reported (via gottabebemobile) that the photos of the new iPhone and iPad mini come from a trusted source from within the Apple supply chain.

Starting with the supposed iPhone 5, it appears that, true to rumours, the new iPhone will measure 4-inches, adding an extra half an inch to the current iPhone 4S model. The larger screen will be seen as an essential addition, in a market where smartphone screens are getting bigger.

Its main competitor the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8-inch screen by comparison.The engineering sample seen in photos reveals little else, but it does confirm that the camera will remain in the same place, in the top left hand corner of the device.

The iPad Mini sample reveals an orange model, that when placed on top of an existing iPad model, is clearly smaller. It also looks like Apple will as reported be using a smaller dock connector to charge the device.

A 7-inch model has been rumoured. The latest spied photos seem to indicate these rumours are true. The iPad mini will also be thinner, and have two speakers, instead of one.

The iPad mini is especially intriguing since it will be going up against the Google Nexus 7 – another 7-inch tablet with some decent specs, and pricing starting from just £160, rising to £199.

With tablets such as the nexus 7 around, pricing of the iPad mini will be more important than ever in a market where competitors are constantly trying to bite away at Apple. How much would you pay for an iPad mini?


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