Friday, 6 July 2012

YouView internet TV hits UK, Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, iPad Mini gossip and more


YouView internet TV hits UK, Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, iPad Mini gossip and more

Welcome to our weekly gadget digest. Here we round up the stories you might have missed, or fell under the gadget radar. Today we have stories on the YouView internet TV service that launched this week, word of Samsung Galaxy S3 overheating problems, some juicy gaming news and more. 

YouView internet TV service coming this month

The YouView box has arrived in the UK. Together with its Internet TV service, YouView delivers the benefit of Freeview channels with online on-demand television shows, backed by Channel Five, BBC, ITV, and more. For £299, owners are able to view, pause, and record TV shows to its 500GB storage. The YouView service will be here in July.

Samsung Galaxy S3 overheating problems

A number of Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have been complaining of problems with their device, some of which include overheating problems, and problems charging the Android smartphone. Have you had any problems with your Samsung Galaxy S3? Let us know

Here comes the iPad Mini rumours

Rumours of a miniature iPad have been doing the rounds for a while now, and they appear to be picking up. Apple has in the past suggested that smaller tablets are inferior – an unnecessary compromise between a smartphone and tablet, without being either, but still the rumours persist. Google recently unveiled the 7-inch Google Nexus 7 tablet, so maybe 7-inch tablets are the way to go.

Following its recent launch, Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi service is now serving 41 London Underground stations, letting users check emails, read their favorite webpages and check their Facebook while waiting for their train until this summer. After that the Wi-Fi will still be in action, but will be restricted to the TFL (Transport for London) portal with travel information and London news. Up to 120 stations will have Wi-Fi by the end of 2012.

Nintendo Wii U to have free and premium subscription services

Nintendo president Saroru Iwata has suggested that, like the PS3 and Xbox 360, the Wii U will have both free and premium online services, also promising that owners won’t have to pay to access the most basic features. “We cannot promise that Nintendo will always provide you with online services free of charge no matter how deep the experiences are that it may provide,” he said. “But at least we are not thinking of asking our consumers to pay money to just casually get access to our ordinary online services.”

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