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Top 6 summer sports products to turn you into a medal-winning athlete


Top 5 summer sports products to turn you into a medal-winning athlete


Top 5 summer sports products to turn you into a medal-winning athlete

With the UK and the world currently going sports and athletics crazy, it’s time to kit yourself out with some fantastic new equipment. From rowing to cycling, here’s everything you need to have fun, get fit or even turn yourself into a world-class athlete.

WaterRower My Rower E1 Rowing Machine

Rowing is sure to be one of the highlights this summer. Get a feel for what professional athletes will be going through to win gold with the WaterRower My Rower E1 Rowing Machine. The rower actually uses water to generate a smooth, even stroke, so it feels (and sounds) just like the real thing, but without the pressure to win gold in front of millions.

Adidas adizero GLD20TT & Team GB Women’s Swimsuit from Adidas

Let’s face it, none of us can swim as quickly as the gold-winning, and USA-beating French relay swimming team. With the adizero GLD20TT, however, the average swimmer can at least look good trying. The swimming tights feature some of the lightest fabric around to help swimmers glide through the water as quickly as possible. is also selling the same women’s swimsuit that Team GB swimmers will be using to train and dive in at the London 2012 games, complete with Team GB badge and a Union Jack-inspired design.

S-Works McLaren Venge, by Specialized

The S-Works McLaren Venge by Specialized isn’t just one of the baddest looking bikes around, it is also one of the lightest. With help from the famous McLaren Technology Centre, bike specialist Specialized have developed a bike capable of eating up the road, while offering a smooth ride thanks to its carbon frame and specially designed saddle which boosts comfort for racing and casual road riding.

Adidas Transformer Dumbbells

Watching all those gym-toned athletes at the London 2012 games is as good as inspiration as any to kick-start those workout plans. Do so with these Adidas Transformer Dumbbells. Though they look like an ordinary set of weights, these are adjustable from 3kg to 18.5kg in 2.5kg increments – so they save space, too. They even come with their own portable dumbbell rack to ensure that your home gym is kept tidy.

Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX

If it’s good enough for Roger Federer… The Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX guarantees tennis players total control over their shots, faster swing speeds, and better stability on those shorter swings required to play volleys. A new technology places strips of basalt graphite in the handle for better connection with the ball when swinging in anger. Not that players will find themselves getting angry over all the Federer-like shots they’ll be playing with this.

U Kick 

U Kick is a fun, brand NEW sporting craze sweeping across the UK! This simple and cool game is healthy, social and seriously addictive! Fusing elements of street football and badminton, UKick’s beauty is that it can be played by anyone: alone or with any number of friends, indoors or outdoors on the beach or on the street.

All you need to do is keep the U Kick in the air and don’t dare let it touch the ground! With a little practise you UKick abilities will take off and so will the U Kick

What athletics or sports events are most likely to get you out and about buying new kit?

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