Monday, 13 August 2012

U Kick


U Kick is a fun, brand NEW sporting craze sweeping across the UK! This simple and cool game is healthy, social and seriously addictive! Fusing elements of street football and badminton, U Kick’s beauty is that it can be played by anyone: alone or with any number of friends, indoors or outdoors at the beach or on the street.


All you need to do is keep the U Kick in the air and don’t dare let it touch the ground! With a little practice you U Kick abilities will take off and so will the U Kick.

Kick it, throw it or hit it! – U Kick is great for enhancing balance, foot (hand) eye coordination, as well as ball control!

U Kick is a fun and original way to exercise and keep fit. Its strength lies in its flexibility: the sport can be played alone to work on your keep-uppy skills; as a warm-up before strenuous sporting activities; with friends for fun, or in school to play in teams and competitions.

Suitable for ages 6 and above, U Kick can be mastered in just a few hours and, who knows, one day you could even take part in international competitions against the world's best players!. U Kick improves balance, foot-eye coordination and fitness, making it a brilliant way to enhance your sporting abilities!

U Kick, it’s just fun

U Kick

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